Firesmiths Professional Temperature Gauge

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The Firesmiths Professional Temperature Gauge features an easy-to-read face as well as color-coded cooking style guide that will help you identify what temperature to either smoke, BBQ or grill.

For maximum durability and reliability, the casing is made from premium stainless steel and will help guide you to get your food coming out just right for many braai sessions to come!

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  • Premium stainless-steel construction.
  • Accurately reads temperature of your Hero Smoker & Grill in Celsuis or Fahrenheit.
  • Easy to read face with colour coded cooking method indicators.
  • Waterproof surface that will not get foggy.
  • Easy to install.
  • Temperature range 10°C to 425°C.
  • Can be used in most smokers or grills. 9.5mm thread size.


  • Model number: FS-PTG
  • Physical dimensions – 73.3mm (length of stem), 47.6mm (length of threading), 6.3mm (thickness of probe measurement area), 60.3mm (face diameter), 250grams (weight).


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