Firesmiths Hinged Cooking Grate

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Our hinged cooking grate can collapse in half, allowing you to cook horizontally on one side and hang / vertically cook food on the other.

Can be purchased as a replacement grid or purchased separately should you want an additional cooking grate to cook and smoke more food with.

The Hero Smoker & Grill’s inside brackets was designed to be able to fit two cooking grates, so if you want to double up on your cooking space simply purchase an additional hinged cooking grate. This is an ideal setup for when you want to be able to cook two pizzas or more meat horizontally at the same time.

Out of stock

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  • Chrome plated.
  • Food friendly.
  • Can be collapsed in half in order to cook horizontally and vertically at the same time.


  • Model number: FS-HG-HS
  • Physical dimensions: 47cm diameter, 400grams
  • Cooking area size: 47cm

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