Firesmiths Chimney Starter

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Not your ordinary chimney starter. It was designed specifically to be able to rotate within the shape of your Firesmiths Hero Smoker & Grill to easily and evenly distribute burning coals.

It removes the guesswork so that once filled, its exactly the right amount of coals you will need to get your Hero Smoker & Grill going for most of your cooks.

A simply must have accessory to help you get a good, solid start to every cook!

Works with briquettes or charcoal.

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  • Heavy duty aluminium construction.
  • Heats-up fast.
  • Designed to hold the right amount of briquettes or charcoal you need to get your fire going in the Hero Smoker & Grill.
  • Designed to be able to rotate easily within Hero Smoker & Grill.
  • Heat guard to protect your hands.


  • Model number: FS-CS
  • Physical dimensions:18cm (H) x 24cm (L) x 15cm (W), 400g

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