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Introducing Smithy: Your Firesmiths Guide to the World of Braai’s, BBQ, and Smoking!

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We're thrilled to introduce you to Smithy, the charismatic, always chipper, and official mascot of Firesmiths, your go-to online destination for all things outdoor cooking including braai’s, BBQ, and of course, smoking.

Tailgating: A History of Camaraderie, Cuisine, and Celebration

2023-09-28T11:31:45+02:00Categories: Fun Stuff|Tags: , |

Tailgating, a time-honored tradition cherished by sports fans and event enthusiasts alike, brings together the excitement of competition and the joy of community in a unique and vibrant outdoor setting. Pull up the Bakkie, bring out the braai and let's tailgate like they do in the States.

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